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Perfect Menus for Memorable Events

Let us bring a touch of elegance and a whole lot of flavor to your event with our premier St Martin Catering Service.

We understand that food is more than just a meal; it’s an experience, an opportunity to bring people together and create lasting memories. That’s why our team at SXM Culinary Services is dedicated to crafting menus that perfectly suit the vibe of your gathering, whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding, or a casual get-together in the beautiful setting of St Martin.

Our approach is straightforward yet thoughtful. Starting with fresh, quality ingredients, our St Martin Catering Service combines them in ways that delight the senses. From classic dishes that comfort and satisfy to innovative creations that surprise and excite, our menus are designed to please a wide range of tastes and dietary needs, ensuring that every guest leaves with a smile.

Our friendly formulas

Cocktail buffet, barbecue or brunch: we’re at your service.

cocktail BUFFET


Seize the BBQ moment!

We take care of organizing your barbecue.


The art of starting the day off right!

This service provides a homely family meal experience, exclusively arranged to cater to your gatherings.

Other events

A special occasion?
We can provide a range of services to suit all types of event.
For more information, write to us.


Private event





At SXM Culinary Services, we’re not just about serving food; we’re about creating an atmosphere that enhances your event and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Let us take care of the culinary details with our St Martin Catering Service so you can focus on enjoying the moment. Our chefs are artists, our servers are storytellers, and together, we weave a culinary narrative that becomes a part of your event’s fabric. With every dish served, we aim to convey a story, an emotion, a memory that will linger long after the last bite.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and creativity, working closely with you to tailor every aspect of the dining experience to your specific desires. Whether you envision a lavish multi-course dinner under the stars or a chic cocktail reception with gourmet hors d’oeuvres, our team is equipped to bring your culinary dreams to life, all under the banner of St Martin Catering Service.

Sustainability and responsibility are at the heart of our operation. We source locally wherever possible, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting our community’s economy. This commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in every dish we serve with our St Martin Catering Service, enriching your event not just with exceptional food, but with the peace of mind that comes from making ethical choices.

Choose SXM Culinary Services for your next event in St Martin, and let us transform your celebration into an unforgettable gastronomic journey. Together, we’ll create a feast for the senses that celebrates the joy of good food, good company, and great hospitality, all delivered with the signature touch of our St Martin Catering Service.